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Did you study law abroad? There are amazing law schools in England, Australia, and the United States! In hopes of practicing law in Canada, we understand the journey ahead as you begin with an application to NCA Canada. This process tells us you are beginning to prepare for the NCA exams in the coming months. We understand that as you prepare to sit for these exams, and further to practice law in Canada, it can be difficult to decide where to begin studying. That’s where we come in! Our goal is to provide you with the best preparation available. Remember, everyone in Canada benefits from effective lawyers!

About Us

How Do We Get You Ready For The NCA Exams?

The NCA exams can be daunting; however, NCA Exam Prep is here for you! We provide the perfect NCA summary partnered with notes and personal legal tutoring. Many companies offer NCA exam notes and outlines; however, none are able to offer the extent of one-on-one communication that we have available. You can rest assured that throughout your exam process, you will always have someone to answer your questions. As you have learned throughout your legal studies, they are few avenues available for studying better than bouncing information off individuals who have succeeded in the area.

Are you struggling with administrative law in Canada? We’ve got admin notes, outlines, and experts in the field within our arsenal! Would Canadian constitutional law notes assist you as you prepare? Our tutors are well-versed in that area as we have all been through the NCA accreditation process.

From first-hand admin law notes to advice about the NCA criminal law exam, we want to be your source of information about how to succeed. Check out our Notes and Outlines (link to) page or our Tutoring tab (link to) for more information about how to register for our services.

Nothing is more important that capitalizing on your law school investment. Allow us to help with NCA exam prep!

We are not affiliated with the National Committee on Accreditation and welcome that you confirm any information received with the governing organization.